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Home Schooling

Are you struggling to find the time to train your dog with your busy schedule? With home schooling you can get faster results with less work because a professional dog trainer will come and do the work for you. These sessions are great for busy professionals and families who don't have the time to commit to training their dog or attending a class. Let me come train your dog for you and then transfer the skills over to you, once the training is done! I hear so many times "you make it look so easy" or "can my dog just go home with you?", well with home schooling I can do the training for you but your dog can stay at home with you.


We will start with an initial consult to meet you and your family, and discuss your training goals with your dog. During the training I come to your home during the day while you are at work or out for the day and work with your dog. You will receive photos and video of the training sessions to see your dogs progress during each session. During the transfer sessions you will have a training session with the trainer and your family to see the skills your dog has gained and transfer them over to you as the handler. A package is tailored to your family and your dog to achieve your individual goals. During the training sessions I focus on skills like, puppy manners, crate training, puppy obedience, basic obedience, jumping, barking, reactivity around other dogs and people, tricks, and more. Training sessions may be in your house, yard, out for a walk or on a field trip, depending on your specific goals. We will start with an initial consultation to get to know you and your dogs needs and get started.

Four week Package 

  • Includes 2 training sessions per week

  • Two transfer sessions with the family (every other week)

  • One follow up private session up to a month after
    completion of the program

  • Video/pictures of your dogs progress during training sessions

  • Handouts so you can continue to work on your dogs new skills

  • 15% off any group classes in the future

Cost: $1300.00 +GST including fuel


Policies and booking: Packages must be paid in full at the time
of booking unless discussed. If you live more then a 30 min
radius from Airdrie, additional mileage fees may apply.
Please contact by email or phone to book a consult.






90 min Initial consultation
Pricing $170.00

Initial consult will include:

  • Take a detailed history

  • Discuss goals for your dogs behavior

  • Discuss appropriate tools for your dogs training.

  • Recommend a training program based on your individual goals.

  • We will start some training with your dog to help you get started.

  • When you purchase a homeschooling package $50.00 off your consult fee will be applied to your package.

Each homeschooling program is tailored to your dog and their specific needs.


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