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You asked. I answered.

  • How old does my dog need to be before I start classes?
    Puppies can start our Puppy Education Class at as early as 8 weeks! First vaccine and a health check is required to start. We believe the earlier the better to educate puppies and thier owners. Exposing puppies to new environments while building a relationship can help set you up for success and prevent behavior problems from occuring. We are veterinarian recommended!
  • Can the whole family come to class?
    All members of your family are welcome to attend class. Only one person should be working the dog at a time, but you may switch handlers whenever you choose. Children are welcome to attend and participate to the best of their abilities. Sometimes I may ask children that attend classes if they would like to help me with come exercises in class as well.
  • What is your refund policy
    All classes are fully refundable up to 72 hours before the first class. After the 72 hour window has passed and once classes are in progress, the classes are non-refundable, non-transferrable and there are no makeup classes. Please think seriously about your schedule and commitment to training. Private lesson packages are non-refundable and must be used up within 60 days unless discussed otherwise. Travel Fee Policy: 60KM round trip from Airdrie is included for all services; $0.50 cents per km driven in excess will apply each trip.
  • What will we need to bring with us to class?
    For the Puppy Education Class please bring plenty of tasty treats, your puppies favourite toy, a flat buckle collar, and a 6 foot leash. The only leashes we do not allow are flexi leashes or chain leashes as they are not helpful for proper leash handling. For all other obedience classes please come with the training collar you are comfortable using and the trainer may discuss other tools with you to help you get the most success. Food is an excellent motivator for training and a hungry dog is more motivated to work. Most importantly come with a postive attitude and be ready to have fun!
  • Will there be homework during class?
    Yes, there is homework! Owners should expect to train their dog daily, for 15-30 minutes. Its important to remember doing your homework will help you progress and be successful. Training your dog is building a positive partnership between you and your dog!
  • What training methods do you use?
    Here at WCCA we strive in helping people build a happy and balanced relationship of trust and respect between owner and dog. Danielle enjoys teaching people how to communicate in a fair, clear and consistent manner so their dog can feel comfortable and confident. She believes in working with each dog as an individual and always trains according to the dogs own personality with a balanced approach as they are all so different. Our training at WCCA is based on the relationship between handler and dog while using positive reinforcement with verbal markers to communicate to the dog clearly with appropriate timing. The marker system reinforces the behaviors we like by providing rewards that are motivating and fun to the dog. Rewards can be food or toy depending on what motivates the dog. Danielle believes that building engagement and play within our training is crucial to having a good relationship with our canine friend!
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Please feel free to contact me as I would love to chat with you and hear about your canine friend! My preferred method of contact is through phone call or email.
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