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With a board and train program your dog will stay in the comfort of our home with my dogs and family while being treated like one of our own, where they will receive multiple training sessions throughout the day. We can work on behavior problems or build a great foundation for your puppy then transfer over the skills to you. These programs are great for owners with a busy schedule that struggle getting training sessions in, but are committed to their dogs success and can continue with rules and boundaries while maintaining consistency following the program. This can also be a great option for when you are going away and want to keep up with your dogs training or work on new behaviors. The transfer sessions will insure you have the handling skills and knowledge to keep up with your dogs training and continue to build the relationship between you and your dog.

Skills we can cover:

  • Basic obedience 

  • Crate training

  • Engagement

  • Manners

  • Recall

  • Loose leash walking

  • Go to your bed

  • Greeting manners

  • Reactivity with dogs and people

  • Field trips to proof training around distractions

Two - four week programs
- 24/7 in-home training for your dog
- Multiple training sessions a day
- Field trips to proof skills in different environments
- Several transfer sessions to help you maintain your dogs training
- Photos and videos to show your dogs progress
- Write up of the training we worked on and skills to continue to work on at home.
- 15% of any group classes

Cost: $1000.00 per week but vary according to your needs. Please contact us to get a proper quote.

Monday-Friday Board and Train Package
Brush up on some training or learn some new skills. We can work on focus and engagement skills, leash walking, recall, manners, and basic obedience, with field trips to work on proofing skills around distractions. We can also work on performance sport such as scent detection, rally or competitive obedience skills.
Cost: $675.00/week

Please contact by email or phone to book a board and train


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